Interactive Renderings

Using state-of-the-art technology, we create beautiful, interactive 3D scenes.  You can think of them as interactive renderings.

Totally Interactive

When we say interactive rendering, we really mean it.  Go ahead.  Change colors and patterns.  Test out different furniture combinations.  It all happens right before your eyes.

Freely Explore!

Our interactive renderings let you instantly jump to any location with the click of a button.  You can even take to the air and navigate the scene with a virtual drone helicopter!

Free Renderings!

Stop paying for each and every render!  With our interactive rendering service, you can have as many renderings as you’d like – all for a fixed low price!


Videos And More!

Our interactive rendering technology allows us to quickly create high-definition videos (in full 4K resolution), perfect for your sales, marketing and presentation needs!

Interactive Renderings, Virtual Reality Development, and More!
For over 25 years, Trinity Media, Inc. has developed visually rich media for marketing & advertising agencies around the world. Our work has been featured in national ad campaigns, top rated mobile apps, best-selling books, popular video games and online sales tools.

In 2014, we launched ArchiTech, a division of Trinity Media focused on the development of interactive rendering and virtual reality applications. ArchiTech quickly became a pioneer in the rapidly developing VR field.

Today, we are one of the leaders in virtual reality development. But we haven't forgotten our roots. Whether it's a photo real rendering, an advertising illustration, an animated 3D visualization, or a virtual reality application, you can count on us to deliver world-class results for you.

Interactive Renderings

Using the latest virtual reality tools, we create immersive, interactive 3D scenes that let you move through your renders and interact with your designs.  Call now to learn more about our interactive rendering services!


Traditional Renderings

Need a beautiful rendering at an affordable price?  Look no further.  Our team has years of experience creating photo-realistic renderings.  Call now to find out why developers from Dallas to Dubai have trusted us to create renderings for them!


Advertising Art

Since 1990, we’ve worked with renowned advertising agencies & design firms to help create dynamic illustrations for their prestigious clients.  Let us show you why these agencies trust us time and again to deliver.  Call now for more information!

29 - Scientific American 003


Whether it’s an animation for a mobile application, an architectural walk through, a logo animation or even a medical visualization, we can bring your concepts to life on time and on budget.  Call for details about how we can meet your animation needs!


People love working with us!

Here's what they are saying.

Chris Roda

CG Supervisor, Electronic Arts

“Steve and his team are extra-ordinarily professional.  They understand what is necessary to deliver a product and will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.”

Joe Zeff

President, Joe Zeff Design, Inc.

“We’ve worked with Trinity Media for years on high-stakes projects requiring improbable 3D models under impossible deadlines.  Steve and his team have delivered for us every single time. They have never let us down, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Veronica Rogerson

Senior Project Manager, Evolution Ventures

“Steve is one of the most consistently reliable professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I can ALWAYS count on Steve and his team to deliver.”

Ed Dunin-Wasowicz

Creative Director/Partner, DW McGarrity

“Whether a marketing project has a nearly impossible deadline, or calls for creative planning and problem solving, Steve and his team always deliver well beyond expectations.”

Chris Roda
Joe Zeff
Veronica Rogerson
Ed Dunin
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